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HitBTC Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of hitbtc com 3 of 74

hitbtc reviews

Personally and especially after what I’ve been through with them, I would recommend to stay away from this exchange if possible. Personally, I would choose Binance since I value reputation more than anything, https://www.tokenexus.com/ however it really depends on your needs. The issue you reported requires additional investigation. We have escalated the issue to our second-level support experts and flagged it as a high priority.

  • For example, if you bought $5,000 worth of crypto, and then sold the same $5,000 worth of crypto, you would pay two lots of $5.
  • Notwithstanding any such relationship, no responsibility is accepted for the conduct of any third party nor the content or functionality of their websites or applications.
  • The page can look intimidating for users who have never done trading.
  • The larger the transaction volume the lower the fee.
  • From today onwards I will tell everyone I encouraged to use this app to close it down as they will steal their money the same way they did mine.

Before making financial investment decisions, do consult your financial advisor. HitBTC offers some of the lowest fees in the market. Regular users pay a fixed amount – 0.1% maker fee and 0.2% taker fee. However, what you should know is that the higher amounts you trade, the lower your fees will be. HitBTC supports a huge number of cryptocurrencies.

Hidden busd 4.5 dollar withdrawl fee…

HitBTC and Bittrex are two of the largest trading platforms on the market. Both have solid reputations and are desirable for currency traders. This review of Bittrex vs. HitBTC will help you decide hitbtc reviews for yourself. When you compare both exchanges, it seems that Binance has lower fees (0.1% flat) and a better reputation, while HitBTC has a better user interface and a wider selection of features.

  • We’ve shown you how to register, deposit funds, and make your first trade.
  • Setting up an account is a breeze and verification isn’t necessary for small amounts.
  • Although the mailing address is in Hong Kong, it claims to have an office in Chile and Estonia.
  • Next, our HitBTC exchange review will look into trading crypto on HitBTC.
  • This is some of the most advanced trading technology in the retail trader space.

If, however, you require just a specific conversion of the occasional fork or cryptocurrency, they will probably get the job done. Some users have even started a petition against the low-level service HitBTC is supplying. I gave a talk at a crypto conference about Bitcoin affiliate programs and told my story with HitBTC as an example of how not to behave. We talked and he promised that the issue would be taken care of. I haven’t actively used it for trading until the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold forks came about.

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A quick analysis showcases that while HitBTC provides great trading fees, it unfortunately charges some of the highest fees for withdrawals amongst competing cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike some of the other cryptocurrency exchanges we have reviewed, the trading fee system is very straightforward at HitBTC. In a nutshell, regardless of how much you trade, you will always pay 0.01% in trading fees.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to HitBTC Review 2019 – Is it Safe? – Blockonomi

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to HitBTC Review 2019 – Is it Safe?.

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Our goal here is to ensure the safety of the traders’ funds and establish their rightful owner in order to prevent possible fraudulent attempts to claim them in the future. I have been trying to login to my HitBTC account without success. I have been told my original code and my backup code has expired. I have complied with their repeated requests to recover my 2FA. We have received various ticket number with the name Mara Cueva from HitBTC Support Team.

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For example, if you bought $5,000 worth of crypto, and then sold the same $5,000 worth of crypto, you would pay two lots of $5. In the final category of our HitBTC review, let’s examine the overall customer service experience. According to various customer reviews, HitBTC is relatively slow and sometimes non-responsive to questions from users. For example, a few users have complained that the support team didn’t answer questions beyond the initial inquiry. While it is a positive that HitBTC does have a social media option for addressing customer issues (Reddit), there have often been queues of unanswered questions at times. HitBTC features extremely liquid marketplaces for trading digital assets, tokens, and fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.).

hitbtc reviews

According to the exchange, the OTC service is opened for users looking to trade above $100,000 worth of cryptocurrency. Through the OTC layer of insulation provided by HitBTC, price fluctuations will have little to no impact on prices. HitBTC currently charges a 0.1% commission on OTC trades. Those who are interested in the service, must apply via the exchange’s partner website, TrustedVolumes.